Montreal Guitar Show

I arrived yesterday at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Montreal, QC, and set up my guitars in the Electric luthiers room at the Montreal Guitar Show.

My table at the show with (l-r) AE5 Swallow, AEG, Baritone, NT4.

Me with my old friend luthier Sheldon Dingwall, and luthiers Michael Spalt and Andreas Neubauer.


Montreal Guitar Show

I am going to be exhibiting some of my guitars and basses for the first time at the Montreal Guitar Show, being held at the Hyatt Regency, Montreal June 29- July 1. I hear it is a fabulous event. I will be performing a mini-concert with my good friend and amazing guitarist, Mark Goldenberg (Jackson Browne), on Saturday at 5 PM. I am so looking forward to this event.
Montreal Guitar show
The photos below are of the instruments I will be exhibiting (AE5 Swallow, NT4, Baritone, and AEG)

AE5 Swallow 5-string Acoustic/Electric Bass

NT4 4-string neck through, solid body Bass

Baritone 6-string guitar tuned down a fourth (B-B)

AEG 6-string Acoustic/Electric guitar


Capital District Bass Hang photos

It was my great pleasure to be asked by Michael Dimin, bass educator, and pro bassist, to be the featured Luthier at the Capital District Bass Players Hang #2, held on Monday 11/21/11 at Parkway Music, Clifton Park, NY. There was a wonderful turnout. I brought 8 of my instruments- all different bass models. I spoke about how I got in to building guitars and basses, and described the evolution of my hollow AE series instruments, and in particular my work with Steve Swallow to produce the model that bears his name and that he plays exclusively.

There was a brief question and answer period, and then all got a chance to play my basses and jam with each other. There was also a demonstration/performance by another fine bassist from that area. There were some pretty great bass players that showed up at this event.


Capital District Bass Hang

I will be the featured luthier at the Capital District Bass Hang #2.

More information on the Facebook event page

This is a wonderful opportunity to see, hear, play my basses, and to meet some wonderful bass players. Bass educator and amazing bass player Michael Dimin has put this whole thing together. I will be speaking about the history and the evolution of my AE5 Swallow signature bass. I was at the first Hang where Michael Tobias was the featured luthier, and it was very special. Don’t miss it!

November 21, 2011 / 6:00PM–8:00PM
Parkway Music
1777 Route 9
Clifton Park, NY 12065
(518) 383-0300