Guitar Collection Book Release Party

The Guitar Collection, a fabulous new book showcasing the most beautiful guitars in history has just been released. This book includes photos of my Veillette-Citron guitar #6 from 1977. It was part of the first batch of guitars and basses we built back on Quentin Road, in Brooklyn, NY. The book comes in a small guitar case, with a smaller book inside, and weighs in at about 40 pounds. The photos are absolutely gorgeous. The party was held at John […]

Bass Musician Magazine

I am going to be writing for a new on-line publication, Bass Musician Magazine. The first article is an introduction- my history as a luthier- how I started and what led to my current work. Future articles will deal with issues such as setup, shielding…..You will be able to comment, ask questions. My first contribution to the magazine came out yesterday- check it out.